Great Times with ensemble mise-en!

About a week ago, I had the pleasure of getting to meet ensemble mise-en. What an exciting experience. In this photo, they were reading my new piece critical band-aid.

Working with ensemble mise-en was one of the highlights of the decade for me. Being in the room with them that Friday felt transcendent. Besides being prepared to engage with me as a composer and with the piece I had shared, they created this aerodynamic, frictionless feeling in the room as they played and discussed critical band-aid that suprised and delighted me. What a compelling working environment. Thank you ensemble mise-en!

I also want to give big thank yous to Steve Taylor and Kyle Shaw for curating this opportunity to work with this wonderful group and to my composition professor Erik Lund (seen in the background of the photo) for being a great sounding board at each step of the process of this piece.