“Can’t Take You Anywhere” (except to SPLICE Festival IV

On October 24th, a video of Dr. Stephen Marotto performing “Can’t Take Your Anywhere,” my solo for amplified cello and triggered fixed media was included on SPLICE Festival IV here. This particular festival was originally going to be held in Georgia until it became clear it would work better as an online event. I definitely recommend getting involved with any of SPLICE’s upcoming projects.

This video is from Marotto’s premiere of the work at SPLICE Institute in 2019, however, we’ve had the opportunity or almost had the opportunity to perform “Can’t Take You Anywhere” a handful of times since. Marotto visited Illinois in February and played it on a solo recital concert at University of Illinois, at SLATE Arts and Performance Gallery in Chicago, and selected for and played at NSEME. It was scheduled on the 2020 SEAMUS Conference in March, but of course, you really couldn’t take anything any place at that time. (University of Virginia made an online exhibit of all the works that were scheduled to be performed that can be visited here).