Drive to the Edge Selected for Radiophrenia Glasgow!

I’m proud to announce that “Drive to the Edge” was selected to be part of Radiophrenia Glasgow is being broadcast from September 8-11 at 5:30 pm GMT (12:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am CST). Tune in and give it a drive if you are near Glasgow on 87.9 FM or stream online at
This is the first time “Drive to the Edge” is being played as a movement a day on consecutive days. I love the multitude of possibilities a serial offers radio programming.
Thanks Radiophrenia Glasgow! And a big thanks again to the performers: Luis Brennan, Thomas Carroll, Ben Chew, Elliot Cobb, Zoltan Csikos, David Cyzak, Cheryl Lewis, Liz Lewis, Jack Alexander Madden,Ion-Alexandru Malaimare, Annie Lyle Mason, and Alfred Shaw!

Sonambient Sculptures at Museum of Arts and Design!

Ralph Bertoia No1

After such a lovely experience at WGXC’s Wave Farm, I went down to Manhattan to record the replica Bertoia Sonambient sculptures (made by Harry Bertoia’s son Val) at the Museum of Arts and Design as part of its Atmosphere for Enjoyment: Studio Sessions. Each month the exhibit is up different artists get a chance to record with the sculptures.

Ralph Bertoia No3.jpg

It’s neat that MAD continues its tradition of participatory exhibits: while the exhibit was shut down in some ways (all other audio turned off) so I could record without interference, MAD also offers times for the public to come try out the sculptures throughout the week.

Playing Bertoia’s sculptures was a strange experience: handling them felt foolproof but still full of sonic mystery. It was less how I activated the sculptures, and more that I (or someone did). That requisite (human?) touch and the resulting wandering, shimmering or vagrant reverberations were fascinating. More to follow once I have thought on this more.

Thanks for a great summer, WGXC and MAD!

Me in Greyscale Coffeeplace.JPG

(photo credits: Leila Zogby)