College Radio Watch: New Stations, Experimental Radio and More News

Drive to the Edge was discussed in an article entitled “…Where The Art Is: The Interwoven Spaces of Radiophrenia” on October 9, 2016 in MAP Magazine by Anna McLauchlan that described its part in Radiophrenia Glasgow:

Over 400 hours of material came from an open call; despite openness it’s regulated through the process of selection based on how recordings ‘work’ for radio, what they contribute to this medium. Several pieces directly engage with broadcasting: Ralph Lewis’ ‘Drive to the Edge’ invites listeners to seek the edge of the broadcast’s signal strength; Catriona Shaw’s ‘Aerial Holding Hands’ comes in two parts, one for fm and the other live streamed—they ‘can be played simultaneously, or individually, depending on your listening circumstances.’”

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