All Score Composition Programs

All Score Urbana is a community music composition program that engages with Champaign-Urbana’s residents in familiar public spaces. While it offers both children-oriented and all ages events, at its core the program employs a workshop environment and emphasizes facilitating resources for community members, including access to the insights and on-site performance feedback from local performers. Rather than treating composition as a solitary act, young and new composers are able to work collaboratively with performers from their community and explore creating their own connections and networks for future projects.

Upcoming Events:

2020 All Score Urbana at Urbana High School

2020 All Score Urbana (Independent Media Center)

Past Events:

2019 All Score Urbana at Urbana High School 

2017–2018 All Score Illinois – Call for Works

2016-2018 All Score Urbana (at Urbana Free Library)

2016 Kickstarter for All Score Urbana Pilot Program