Electroacoustic Works

Kib (2021) 5 min
for instagram-streaming duo: percussion (serrated boxes, three distinct groups of loose objects (metals, rubber/odds and ends, woods), three bins) and piano + three resonant metals, with each performer streaming from their phone/small smart device/beater.

Hear There (2021) 5 min
solo for french horn and indeterminate ambient noise

Straight into Tangles (2021) 8 min
for Live-to-Zoom full orchestra (2221-2221-two perc.-strings)

MoxTube (2020) 5 min
interactive YouTube video for laptop performer or performers (or audience) and clarinets

Can’t Take You Anywhere (2019) 6 min
solo for cello and triggered fixed media

Losing Constellations (2018) 6 min
string quartet and triggered fixed media

Fearless Reception (2016) 30 min
The first movement is co-composed with Ileana Merary and Florence Project
radio art/concert work for live speaker/singer, soprano/tenor saxophone, piano, violin, and stereo fixed media

Drive to the Edge (2015-2016) 15 min
four movement interactive transmission work for radio broadcast and driving listeners

Cover and Murmuration (2012) 12 min
laptop quartet

Thereminnards (2011) 8 min
udderbot, bass trombone, and fixed media

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