Transmission Art/Radio Art

Kib (2021) 5 min
for instagram-streaming duo: percussion (serrated boxes, three distinct groups of loose objects (metals, rubber/odds and ends, woods), three bins) and piano + three resonant metals, with each performer streaming from their phone/small smart device/beater

Straight into Tangles (2021) 8 min
for Live-to-Zoom full orchestra (2221-2221-two perc.-strings)

Cloud-Chamber of DarknessHalf-Hour (2020) 30 min
radio program featuring

Fearless Reception (2016) 30 min
The first movement is co-composed with Ileana Merary and Florence Project
radio art/concert work for live speaker/singer, soprano/tenor saxophone, piano, violin, and stereo fixed media

Penelope’s Endless Book of Magic (2016) 15 min
radio opera

Sound Seeker (2016) 15 min
interactive radio work for listeners

Drive to the Edge (2015-2016) 15 min
four movement interactive transmission work for radio broadcast and driving listeners

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