National Student Electronic Music Event at University of Virginia

In early February I had the privilege to present Drive to the Edge at N_SEME in a wonderfully curated setting. Thanks to the University of Virginia graduate students who ran the event, not only was the piece broadcast from a local radio station but they rented a shuttle bus so a large audience could gather and listen together. This might be my most favorite presentation of the work thus far, especially because I was able to join the people listening to it

. IMG_1934.JPG

An additional thing I am appreciative of is the advocacy from composer Becky Brown about the work in the local paper The Daily Progress. Making transmission art like Drive to the Edge is ideally about sharing and supporting folks, so to get to be in the middle of things and to be so supported back was amazing. I particularly loved the route Becky chose for the bus ride. It had numerous and varied interferences.


University of Illinois Springfield Orchestra Premieres “Pioneer’s Rest”

Today at 7:30 PM Central time, University of Illinois Springfield Orchestra, conducted by Christopher Raymond, will premiere my composition “Pioneer’s Rest” as part of their Fall Showcase Concert. For people unable to attend in person, you can watch it here on the live stream. (The orchestra is at the start of the concert program, so tuning in at 7:30 is suggested).

Working with Chris and the orchestra has been a wonderful experience. More thoughts to come. Probably after some sleep!

Elara String Quartet Plays “Losing Constellations” at SCI National Student Conference


In late September, Elara String Quartet performed my quartet “Losing Constellations” at Indiana University for the 2018 SCI National Student Conference (here pictured doing their dress rehearsal in Ford-Crawford Hall). I deeply appreciate their focus, musicality, and that they have supported my work.

I was also very happy to get to share the experience of going to this conference with classmates David Nguyen, Dongryul Lee, and Pinda Ho, each of whom had a work of their own played there.

Harry Partch Mini-Festival at University of Illinois and new songs: “Nightpartches”

Chuck Me Luke Kerrith.JPG

(Dr. Charles Corey, Ralph Lewis (holding Partch’s Adapted Guitar I), Luke Fitzpatrick, Dr. Kerrith Livengood. Photo credit Julia Sullivan)

What a wonderful weekend! The three day Harry Partch Mini-Festival was an exhilarating series of guest lectures, performances, and workshops that I’m so thankful to have been part of.

Last year, Dr. Kerrith Livengood envisioned bringing Dr. Charles Corey and Luke Fitzpatrick to University of Illinois with Harry Partch’s instruments in tow to perform Partch’s music and create new music with UIUC composers. Dr. Corey is the person in charge of the Partch Instrumentarium at University of Washington as well as a composer and Luke Fitzpatrick is a longtime member of that university’s Partch Ensemble, as well as a composer, violinist, and improvisor.

As she built the festival, she reached out to Group for New Music, a student club at University of Illinois I’m part of. In working with G4NM president Elizabeth Gartman and her, I facilitated an instrument building workshop at Urbana’s Independent Media Center. In addition to Dr. Corey and Luke showing off the Partch instruments, we built udderbots, and local inventor/musician Skot Weidmann shared his Hyve synthesizer.

Dr. Livengood also facilitated the opportunity to write for these deeply-committed Partch interpreters on Partch’s singularly designed instruments. My contribution, in the playlist is two songs for adapted viola and intoned voice. I have a few more in mind, but they will have to wait until I am done with more of my dissertation. I hope you like these songs. I would love to know what you think about them. Drop me a message!