Call for Radio Pieces

Call for Radio Pieces (2016) – Updated: This call is now closed. Please feel free to contact if you are interested in transmission art and want to find places to do it. The journey continues. Be a part of it!


During my residency at WGXC 90.7-FM in New York this July I will have the opportunity to host a nightly show with radio pieces from around the country.


In fitting with the mission of the radio station, I am especially interested in works designated for transmission purposes and am doing an open call for artists to share their creations of radio art works to be played on the show. These do not need to be new pieces in order to be considered, but I would like to use the time to premiere new works in the genre, with the goal of expanding the genre as a whole. This could be presented in a number of ways, but I ask to consider the following:


1. How does this piece function in the world of transmission art? How does it differ from your other work (if you generally work outside of the transmission art genre)?


2. How did you treat form? How do you structure your work with idea of a radio listener in mind?


3. Does your work harken back to any past or relate to any present styles of transmission or sound art? Radio dramas? Radio plays? Story hours? ‘Installations’ meant for transmission? Serials?  Are you looking at the format of the piece through the lens of radio art in the past, present, or future.


I encourage artists of all types to send pieces, collaborations or otherwise. The work can exist as a stand alone, or span multiple episodes, and can be of any length. I welcome all submissions and will consider each one.


Please submit a short proposal as to how your piece fits the aforementioned criteria, and any other additional details you feel are necessary.  Also submit a short bio, and contact information so I can plan the programming as efficiently as I can.  If your piece is chosen, I will be in correspondence with how to proceed, scheduling, etc.  I will do my best to respond to questions and submissions, one or way or the other, in a timely manner.


Please submit all materials by June 1 to



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