All Score Urbana Kickstarter 100% Funded!

It’s an exciting week! All Score Urbana’s Kickstarter has been 100% funded with 18 days left to go! Thank to everyone who donated to the Kickstarter or shared about this program for this community.

With this money we will be able to run the workshop and provide a website with multi-media documentation so we can better explain and share the upcoming workshops this Fall with Urbana, Illinois residents.

I will post a link to the program’s website sometime in late May but for now check out the Kickstarter itself:  if we reach $320 before our campaign ends we will upgrade the planned website to a Squarespace-quality website. Any funds beyond $320 will go toward the Fall workshop budget.

Thank you for helping create a real platform we can use to share the program with the community. This is going to be such a special time!


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