How Things Are Made release’s album and how to play along with it at home!

Earlier this year, How Things Are Made (Brian Riordan, David Bernabo, and Matt Aelmore) released an album of four indeterminate works I wrote.

You can take a listen to it all or purchase the digital album at the link below.

I deeply appreciate the thoughtfulness How Things Are Made put into finding an identity for each work. Whether it is the brusk playfulness of Get to the Point, the stasis of Yes, accidentally cut off your beard, the increasingly clear cycling of Return to Bloland, or the careful motion of Flush After Magellan, they brought the works to life with a warm and percolating musicality.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 10.59.07 PM.jpg

To share in the fun, you are welcome to join in on their performance of Flush After Magellan. After turning on the recording (and either keeping an eye on the track’s time, set at timer for around 26 minutes, or just go for it), pick a route to follow on this graphic (from one corner to another, around a singular point, tracing one of the double lined routes, etc.). Ideally, have the score at a size on your device so you can physically trace the route as you perform as if you are a chess piece on a board.

Basic Directions to Perform Flush After Magellan 

Each box is about 5 seconds long, but the closer you are to the double barred lines, they should be closer and closer to 10 seconds. Perform the number of sounds depicted in a box as you move through it.  Ideally they are disjunct. Have fun. Be solemn.

B = Breath

P = Pizzicato (or a snapping sound)

G = Gradually change the sounds as you move from the previous to the next box

S = Sudden Change

≈ = Do approximately what you did before

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.40.37 PM = Look down and/or lowest note and Look up and/or highest note

Flush After Magellan Score Playalong



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