National Student Electronic Music Event at University of Virginia

In early February I had the privilege to present Drive to the Edge at N_SEME in a wonderfully curated setting. Thanks to the University of Virginia graduate students who ran the event, not only was the piece broadcast from a local radio station but they rented a shuttle bus so a large audience could gather and listen together. This might be my most favorite presentation of the work thus far, especially because I was able to join the people listening to it

. IMG_1934.JPG

An additional thing I am appreciative of is the advocacy from composer Becky Brown about the work in the local paper The Daily Progress. Making transmission art like Drive to the Edge is ideally about sharing and supporting folks, so to get to be in the middle of things and to be so supported back was amazing. I particularly loved the route Becky chose for the bus ride. It had numerous and varied interferences.


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