Winter/Spring Events

It is still January, but a very nice schedule has begun to emerge regarding music I’ve written and talks I will give.

Last week, in Estonia, a short work entitled “Uneven As You Do” was performed at Pärnu Days of Contemporary Music.

In February there will be three performances of my compositions: Mike Minarcek will perform “Another Chance So Suite” at CMS Southern Conference in tandem with Sara Hook’s “Dick and Janes” choreography performed by Kayt MacMaster and Abby Williams Chin. Briar Darling will perform “Can’t Take You Anywhere” as part of New Music Mosaic in Urbana, IL, and in York, UK, Desmond Clark, Lucy Havelock, and Gaia Blandina will be premiering a new work “our own parade” as part of the Arc Project’s Relaunch Concert.

In March, I will be traveling to two conferences, CMS Great Lakes and Penn State New Music Festival and Symposium, to present about All Score Urbana. In addition, I will get to see Mike Minarcek and Kayt MacMaster perform “Another Chance So Suite”/”Dick and Janes.”

In April (still working on the details) I will be performing “DuoTube” as part of SEAMUS’s national conference. Later that month, my collaboration with Chris Raymond and P.R. Martin, “Shadow’s Long Reach” will be included in the global telematic event Earth Day Art Model.


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