Falling in Love with Radio

With the first installment of Drive to the Edge broadcast on WGXC and a project for WOBC under way, I am finding that rather than running out of ideas and inspiration for this medium, I keep finding more.

I am increasingly excited at how radio offers a channel to so many aspects of art-making and communication I care about: its a place where teleology is stretched along a broad spectrum, where site-specific issues can be examined in numerous ways, where serialized installments are idiomatic and where all sorts of listener and community involvement is possible.

What a great way to start the year!


Thanks From the Year’s Edge

As I wrap up a great year, I want to take the time to shout out to the different people who have helped make it so productive:

  • Daniel Steffey and Nick Wang at The Cutty Strange
  • Niko Yamamoto, for his sagely advice
  • Elliot Cobb and the rest of the Standard Rep Bassoon Quartet
  • Andrew Dolgon, Joseph Alvarez, Spencer Hile, and Bryce Conrad
  • The numerous people involved in Drive to the Edge: Zachary Bowers, Thomas Carroll, Ben Chew, Zoltan Csikos, David Cyzak, Liz Lewis, Jack Alexander Madden, Ion-Alexandru Malaimare, Alfred Shaw, and, of course, M.O. Abbott