With Apologies, Nessie broadcast on Radiophrenia Glasgow 2019

Thank you to Radiophrenia Glasgow for broadcasting “With Apologies, Nessie” as part of its 2019 broadcast.

I really admire the way they program local and international works of different kinds like Ryan Leith’s four hour “Working Class Pubs of Edinburgh and Leith,” Poulomi Desai’s live in concert call-in work “cOMe what May-hum,” to Jim Cheff’s outrageously adorable Mary Farfisa’s Outer Space Radio Theater (an ongoing show out of New Mexico that is sound practice-oriented and family friendly), works by Kerrith Livengood, Thaddeus Van der Milne, and so many, many others. Thanks so much Radiophrenia! Go get a nap or thousand!

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.55.08 PM.png

DuoTube selected for TENOR (International Conference on Technologies For Music Notation and Representation) in Australia

DuoTube was selected to be played by Monash University’s MEME ensemble (Monash Electronic Music Ensemble) as part of TENOR (International Conference on Technologies For Music Notation and Representation). This is pretty exciting!

Losing Constellations at SEAMUS National Conference in Boston

Thank you to Roselyn Hobbs, Alec Norkey, Brian Stuligross, and Brianna Tagliaferro for playing quartet Losing Constellations at SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States). Here they are rehearsing with me the night before.

SEAMUS rehearsal

It was a busy time for them and for me, so I really appreciate how comfortable that rehearsal was.

Below is a live recording of Spektral Quartet playing the work at University of Chicago.


DuoTube at UIUC’s First Friday

I am performing DuoTube at this month’s First Fridays, the recurring series organized by Emma Olson and the University of Illinois Student Advisory Board. Everyone is welcome to join in. Just bring a laptop!

If you want to try it out before the concert or play it at the concert, click here to open the YouTube video in another browser window or use the copy below!


DuoTube at MOXSonic

On March 8th, I performed DuoTube with David Nguyen, Alex Christie, Jeff Kaiser, and a number of University of Central Missouri students at MOXSonic.

In this staging, we projected the video score and had my performance coming from the house speakers, with the other performers playing their laptops (with sound from their computers’ speakers) spread out in the audience.

MOXsonic RalphPhoto Credit: Jeff Kaiser, MOXSonic

The piece was received warmly. What I treasured the most was that people wanted to get involved and play the piece in the future. The more I perform DuoTube, the more I realize that there is such a viable space for music that welcomes performance levels of all kinds. I am hoping to do a follow up work to DuoTube soon. I am hoping that Robin Meiksins, who I made the piece with, will be able to join me at a future concert of it.

As a comment about MOXSonic itself: it is rare to find a festival that so thoughtfully accommodates electronic music, sound art, and related practices in one space. While the following does not represent the total breadth of the festival, that David Nguyen’s exquisitely choreographed eight channel fixed media Misprints, Alex Christie’s mouthfeel’s interactive, strobe-blasting homemade circuitry, and Kittie Cooper’s corporeal Earth Mother’s meditation on femininity, creation, and vitality could all appear on the same festival is so encouraging. I can’t wait to see what this festival programs next year!

National Student Electronic Music Event at University of Virginia

In early February I had the privilege to present Drive to the Edge at N_SEME in a wonderfully curated setting. Thanks to the University of Virginia graduate students who ran the event, not only was the piece broadcast from a local radio station but they rented a shuttle bus so a large audience could gather and listen together. This might be my most favorite presentation of the work thus far, especially because I was able to join the people listening to it

. IMG_1934.JPG

An additional thing I am appreciative of is the advocacy from composer Becky Brown about the work in the local paper The Daily Progress. Making transmission art like Drive to the Edge is ideally about sharing and supporting folks, so to get to be in the middle of things and to be so supported back was amazing. I particularly loved the route Becky chose for the bus ride. It had numerous and varied interferences.

University of Illinois Springfield Orchestra Premieres “Pioneer’s Rest”

Today at 7:30 PM Central time, University of Illinois Springfield Orchestra, conducted by Christopher Raymond, will premiere my composition “Pioneer’s Rest” as part of their Fall Showcase Concert. For people unable to attend in person, you can watch it here on the live stream. (The orchestra is at the start of the concert program, so tuning in at 7:30 is suggested).

Working with Chris and the orchestra has been a wonderful experience. More thoughts to come. Probably after some sleep!