Premiere Concert Video Recording of Fearless Reception at Arizona State University

Special thanks to Justin Rollefson of the Rogue Trio for all the hard work on the editing that went into this.

End of Season All Score Urbana concert at Urbana Free Library

Many thanks to Urbana Free Library for hosting this year’s All Score Urbana workshops and to Chris Raymond, Garrett Jones, Elliot Cobb,  Molly O’Roark, Claire Taylor, Marcus Westbrook, Skylar Lipman, and Maddy Marsan for helping All Score cross the space from an idea to a program that hopefully inspires musical curiosity here in Urbana, Illinois.

Fearless Reception at Arizona State University (and streaming on youtube)

Tonight Rogue Trio, Ileana Merary, Celso, Emanuel Olvera Centeno, and I are doing the first full broadcast of Fearless Reception. You can watch and listen to the online broadcast here. (It starts at 7:30 local time, so 8:30 Central and 9:30 Eastern).

In addition to the five movements of live performances and fixed media, Ileana and Celso will perform songs they each wrote, and Emanuel will perform a poem written for the event. I love their work and it is an honor to share works side by side with them. In addition to these live performances, the work will feature recordings from Ileana, Emanuel, Hector, and include voices from people from all over the United States in its opening.

Rogue Trio has also posted that link and the full concert program on their website.

I am so thankful to the many partners and supporters of this project, including Arizona State University, the Florence Project, Slate Arts Gallery, WGXC’s the Cutty Strange, and WOBC.

Fearless Reception Preview at Slate Arts on January 21st!


Come see the preview of Fearless Reception on January 21st at Slate Arts in Chicago at 8 pm! This is the first live performance of a collaboration with the Rogue Trio and Ileana Merary about creating awareness of immigration issues, raising immigrant voices, and supporting inclusivity and respect for others in a climate that does not welcome people who seem different.

I’ll be performing the electronics in person there with the Rogue Trio and live speakers will be performing telematically (over the internet) from Phoenix.

Also on this show:

• Annie Lyle Mason will be doing an electroacoustic mash-up of Drive to the Edge and I Was On the Side of the Highway!

• Monisola Gbadebo will be performing new and recent works!

(Design Credit: Liz Lewis)

2016’s Thanks and Reflections

This year taught me about how necessary and fun it is to work with other people. From planning performances of I Was On the Side of the Highway with Annie Lyle Mason to starting All Score Urbana with Standard Rep Bassoon Quartet and Molly O’Roark getting my back, all of these interactions reminded me that creativity thrives with the intelligence, sensitivity, and compassion of others. (Check out some of this year’s pieces and performances above).

I had the opportunity to do music around the US, as well as Scotland, this year with a number of really encouraging people. I want to acknowledge them:

I also want to thank organizations and ensembles that made a big difference for me this year:

As this new year starts, I hope to keep these collaborative fires goings and finding new ways to support other people, their safety and expression. A big thanks to The Rogue Trio and Sonny Oram from Qwear for being part of this conversation and its many variations this year.

Brought the Ruckus to Chicago’s Slate Arts + Performance!

This weekend Tori Lupinek, Annie Lyle Mason, Connor Thummel, Dakota Wayne, and I got to play a show at the opening night of Slate Arts + Performance‘s PROTEST exhibition that included two Chicago premieres of my pieces (I Was On the Side of the Highway and Ruckus from the Quiet Zone).

Performing at Slate was everything we dream about as musicians: a warm, encouraging environment from Slate’s curators and a big, vibrant audience of people of all ages. (Apparently there was a girl in a dinosaur costume looking in the window at Annie during her solo performance of I Was On the Side of the Highway! Perfect first New Music experience!)

It also was an intriguing space with engaging, diverse works by artists including Soheila Azadi + Liz Cambron, Olga Guse, Gary Lehman, Chris Wanklyn (who I got to meet and was great!), Charity White, Chris Willie, and Jade Williams.

Annie and I found some great spots to do the different spatialized sections of Highway. The first part of it is always meant to be removed, distant and marginalized, which was in perfect contrast to Connor bringing the unfiltered thunder in Persichetti’s Parable no. 18.

Ruckus from the Quiet Zone centers around Chris Vaisvil’s canon, a homemade string instrument that we made available for the audience to try out afterwards. Tori, Dakota, and I joined Connor and Annie in contemplating the glacial ballet of the Green Bank Telescope and living in the National Radio Quiet Zone. See a bit of it in the video excerpt above!

So many thanks to Jenny and Ben for making it so easy to have a wonderful time at Slate!